Danu's Well
is a Wicca Level 2 study group
hosted by Aquarius Moon Rising

We are committed to creating a safe and harmonious atmosphere where we can all feel free to explore and worship the Old Gods. It is our goal to learn and grow in the craft, healing ourselves, the community, and the Earth in the process. We are  generating a cycle of self empowerment through the way of the Wicca, in perfect love and perfect trust, so that we can experience a transformation of consciousness, and continue the tradition of the craft.

Studies are centered around Buckland's
Complete Book of Witchcraft, but will include
other areas of interest, some of which are
celtic myth, astrology, chakra and energy work,
reincarnation, wiccan belief and philosophy,
ritual writing and performing, new and full moon rituals, and working with the elements. Meditation is stressed, and members are encouraged to build strong inner relationships with the Mother Goddess and Her consort the Horned God of nature. Circle etiquette, as well as the Wiccan Rede are also studied in depth.

 interested in membership?