Hecate is probably the most misunderstood deity of ancient Greece. Based upon this stereotype, many conclude that Hecate is a dangerous, nocturnal Goddess of ghosts and evil magic, even though evidence can be found through out history to support a benign picture of Hecate.

As Propylaia, (the one before the gate) Hecate offers protections against outside evils, perhaps demonic or even magickal ones. Her statues were located at the entrances of the temples of other Deities, most commonly Demeter.

As Propolos, (the attendant who leads) Hecate serves as a very personal, caring attendant and guide for other deities. This is most apparent in Her associations with persephone, whom She leads back from Hades.

As Phosphoros (the light bringer) She is the "torch bearer." This is Her most important image, and the most common one. She is usually portrayed with two torches which signify that she is a deity of the moon.

If Hecate is researched through history Her evil and dangerous description is seen as an untrue statement, She is literally a Goddess of great and awesome power, sometimes almost terrifying. She rules everything outside our physical realm.  She provides the dark intuitive wisdom that is not visible to the conscious mind through whispers, dreams, mediumship, and divination. The dark side of Her power can destroy, while the light side can heal. She can also be the bestower of wealth and power. She has been called the "Goddess of the Crossroads," and offerings were left for Her where ever three roads came together. She has the power to grant anything that her petitioners ask for, if found worthy of her favor.

Hecate is the Dark Mother. Today pagans worship Hecate for Her powers over darkness, the darkness we face daily, She has the power to illuminate the unknown aspects of our lives. She brings light to the darkness that is faced on the road of life, yet She can also destroy and drive you mad if you are not integrated enough to take on the responsibility of dealing with Her power in only constructive ways. You must know well what you are asking Her to help you with.

A triple Goddess of the Moon, Hecate's force in one's life is positive. It is She that can lead us from the underworld to a higher consciousness, and a spiritual rebirth.  She is the Goddess that rules over child bearing, and any portal of transition in life, death, or rebirth. She is transformation in our lives.